Homun is growing very fast and every time they are discovering new cenotes between the Mayan jungle and the town.
Such is the case of the Gruta y Cenote La Candelaria, set up as a tourist inn and it is ideal to spend a family day in its facilities. It has parking, bathrooms, palapas, swimming pools and a restaurant for those who want to spend a pleasant and fun day.

Right in the parking area, you will see a huge tree with some bird ornaments made from tires that guards the entrance to the grotto.

You will have to lower your head a little and descend by stone stairs until the vault opens and you can admire the greatness and beauty of the place. You will begin to walk through the large fallen rocks that come out of the floor and that have formed a path through which to walk without any danger, as you go you will admire the stalactites and the large stone walls that cover the entire place.

Gruta La Canderia, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatan

Unlike other caves, this one narrows as you go until you reach a small hole completely full of stalactites that almost forces you to crawl but without a doubt when you reach the other side you will be fascinated by a cliff that protects a beautiful cenote with crystal clear waters. and the one that can only be admired since there is no access to cool off in it.

Halfway between a stone wall and a huge rock is a channel which has become a cenote through which you can cool off for a while after walking through the grotto, it is not very deep so you do not need a vest lifeguard and it's not very big either so swimming is not a great idea, it is more of a sit back and relax.

After touring the whole place, your hosts will offer you delicious typical dishes of the region that you can taste while you wait in a palapa or cool off in the pool.

Access to the cave has an approximate cost of $ 30 pesos per person.

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Gruta La Canderia, Cenotes en Homun YucatanGruta La Canderia, Cenotes en Homun YucatanGruta La Canderia, Cenotes en Homun YucatanGruta La Canderia, Cenotes en Homun Yucatan