Recently opened, it is now a tourist hostel that offers you a fun and relaxing alternative so you can rest on your days off.

Upon entering you will immediately see 4 beautiful rooms with a colonial-style design, which are guided by some beautiful kinques, you can reserve one if you want to spend the night in this place.

After this area you will find the parking space on the left and on the right you will find the hall in which the indications are very well marked so that your experience is pleasant.

On the same site is the restaurant that offers a wide variety of typical food from the region and additionally, for the taste of some, a bar where you can taste some alcoholic beverages.

Cenote San Antonio, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

Continuing along the white dirt road, we come across the bathroom and shower area where you can change and rinse off before entering the cenote.

At the end of the path you will see a palapa with chairs that mark the entrance to the cenote. The cenote is closed and to descend you must go down a narrow place with wooden stairs that are covered with a protector for greater safety when going down, you have to descend 10 meters underground until you descend to a large platform that welcomes us to the water's edge.

Cenote San Antonio, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

Thecavernhas stalagmites around the vault and its walls have the effect of melting candles, which embellishes the great opening of the place.

The cenote is beautiful in the shape of a very wide crescent of fresh and crystalline waters of green tones, fortunately on the shore it has a depth of between 50 cm to 2 meters and in the deepest until 15 meters, something interesting that it has is that at the bottom it has a cave in which it is possible to enter and enjoy the isolation, it is only possible to access when the water level is low.

In the middle of the cenote there is a large rock that over time fell from the ceiling and settled perfectly at the bottom, which allows you to stand on it and admire the vault from another point of view. Thanks to the fact that in its heyday it functioned as a source of water supply, the well lets in light rays and illuminates the water.

Cenote San Antonio, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

In the back you will also find a small cenote that is not enabled due to its depth and the reduced space it has.

During the low season you can rent a kayak so you can explore each of the surroundings of the cenote and enjoy the place without any problem.

For those who want to spend the whole day here without renting a room, they have the possibility of camping since it has a reserved area to carry out this activity.

It is not only possible to visit this site during the day, you can also take a tour at night with prior reservation, which would be an option for those who do not like the crowds. good option.

The opening hours are from 8 am to 6 pm and the night hours start from 6 pm until 12 pm.

This is another good option at Homún to spend a great day with family or friends to have fun and forget the stress of the week.

Cenote San Antonio, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

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  • Cabins for rent
  • Restaurant with regional food
  • Camping area
  • Indoor Parking
  • Bathrooms
  • Kayak rental
  • Safety Vest Included


  • Do not use sunscreen or sunscreen
  • Do not wear perfume
  • Don't forget your underwater camera / GoPro
  • Water shoes recommended
  • Wear a bathing suit
  • We recommend wearing goggles or snorkeling gear.

Contact Information

Phone: +52 9994496095

Whatsapp: Send Whatsapp