Located in Homun, the cenotes 3 Oches are a natural wonder, just 6 months after its opening it is one of the places that you should not miss.

When you arrive you will notice that it is a wide area in which at first glance you do not notice where these natural wonders are, immediately its owner and his children will warmly welcome you and guide you towards these water holes.

The first cenote you will visit is open but it is approximately 6 meters deep, its owner enabled a path in which with the help of some handrails made of tree trunks you can support yourself to descend, just halfway through a beautiful tree It is found to help you go down and fall directly into the refreshing waters, with the help of its roots and a ladder you will achieve it.

Once inside you will enjoy its refreshing green waters, at the top in the mouth of the cenote there is a trunk crossed from where you can dive if you wish or they have placed a rope in which you can slide and launch from some point of the cenote. It is important to mention that if you do not know how to swim, use a vest as there is no area to stop or rest.

In what would seem like just a stone mound is the underground entrance to a small cenote, the entrance is a bit narrow so you must be careful when descending.

Cenotes Tres Oches, Cenotes Homun Yucatan

When you have managed to enter, the cavern opens, it is not very big but it is enough to make you have a pleasant time. You have to slide about 3 meters to be able to cool off in the waters of the cenote, in the same way as the first one, once you have entered there is nowhere to hold on or rest, it has beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites that will leave you astonished.

It does not yet have artificial light so be careful when descending and pay close attention to the instructions of the guides.

The last cenote is very beautiful in its structure since it is open but between a large stone wall it is small but beautiful.

In this place, you will undoubtedly spend wonderful moments full of adventure and fun, do not forget to visit them.

Location of the caves and cenotes tres oches:

To visit them you must take Calle 19 (Main) and drive to Calle 8, there back to the right and drive about 400 meters to go to the cenote, you will see a small sign that says Cenote Los 3 Oches, take the deviation and Enter a dirt road in which you will only advance 100 meters to reach your destination.

Coordenadas: 20.732289, -89.273310

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Cenotes Tres Oches, Cenotes Homun YucatanCenotes Tres Oches, Cenotes Homun YucatanCenotes Tres Oches, Cenotes Homun YucatanCenotes Tres Oches, Cenotes Homun Yucatan