Hacienda Kampepén is located almost outside the town of Homún, it is a place recently opened to the public, it has a large area of ​​land which allows for a wide variety of activities throughout the place.

Hacienda Kampepen Homún Yucatán

The meaning of Kampepén is "Yellow Butterfly", this is due to the fact that throughout the place there are a great variety of butterflies fluttering around the surroundings of the site.

Upon entering the place you can admire the ruins of what was the main house, it is beautiful and full of history of what in its time of splendor was a henequen fiber production factory.

On your right side is the camping area, just in front is the bicycle station, which are available for rent in case you want to make the tour on them, even on the coast you will see a large poplar tree that protects a swing where you can have fun under his shadow.

On its left side is the reception and delivery of life jackets, as well as the entrance to the first cenote called La Noria.

Cenote La Noria

Cenote La Noria, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

The Cenote la Noria is a young cenote sheltered in a cavern, when you go up the stairs you will find a curb that gives the impression of being a pool, but it is the area that protects the stairs that descend to the edge of the cenote. You must be very careful when going down the wooden stairs, since once they are wet they can get slippery, so it is advisable to hold on to the railings. As soon as you enter the hole you will run into a ceiling full of stalactites that welcome you to the cavern and in which you have to descend about 10 meters to reach the platform at the water's edge. Its waters are crystal clear with green tones of a depth of up to 20 meters in its deepest part, they have placed a wooden ladder on one side of the stone wall in the middle of the cenote, this ladder reaches the bottom, for those who they wish to venture into its entrails.

Cenote San Antonio, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

Around the corner from the main house on the right side are the showers and bathrooms, as well as a palapa and a large esplanade for picnics, games or simply resting in the shade of the trees.

If we continue forward we will come across the beautiful French-style church that has been restored and although it has suffered from looting it still retains its beauty, it is the size of a chapel, but spacious enough to hold ceremonies.

The Chacmultún

Chacmultun y Altar de Aluxes, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

Continuing with our journey through the Mayan jungle we will come across a Chacmultún that in ancient times was a stone container in which they could store water or grains, right next to it we will also appreciate an altar dedicated to the Aluxes in which you will notice that The people who visit this site leave small offerings around them such as bracelets, coins, glasses, sweets and an infinity of objects.

The Bagacero

The next thing we will see will be the Bagacero, which is a cave in which the henequen farmers used to throw away all the garbage that came out of the henequen thread manufacturing, so if you look closely you can see how the bottom is now full of compost and due to Two large trees have blossomed in the middle of the place, a popular and a huge huaya, whose fruits are so sweet that hundreds of butterflies and other insects are fluttering in this place. You must be careful when you approach to admire this place since there are many holes in the ground with which you could hurt yourself, so it is better to follow the path indicated so that you can safely enjoy this space.

Cave Kixné

Cenote Kixné, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

Further along a curve is the cave with the Kixné cenote (however, the cenote is for viewing only, you cannot swim in it).

A huge poplar protects the entrance of the cave and reinforces security when going down the wooden stairs, when descending the hole opens perfectly so you can admire its beauty, you must pay close attention to the indicated path with the wooden railings, since that it is very easy to get sidetracked while admiring the beauty of the site.

The cenote practically looks like a crack attached to the wall in dark green tones due to its narrowness.

On the right side of the vault, in its upper part, is the most outstanding part of the place. In general, we will admire cave paintings that the Mayan ancestors made, we refer to hands that are very clear to see and that stimulate our imagination since they lead us to To think that I motivated them to capture this.

It is important to consider that if you want to take a picture, do not use a flash so as not to damage the paintings.

Cenote Chenké

Cenote  Chenke en Hacienda Kampepen, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en Yucatán

To finish the circuit and tour of Hacienda Kampepén we will close with a visit to the Chenké cenote, it is well delimited by a stone curb that, like the other cenotes, has a large poplar tree but unlike the others, many people have found the face of a woman among its branches in which her hair is complemented by its roots, others say that they have been able to see the face of a man, everyone sees similarities and differences, but what is certain is that this place catches you and motivates you to reflect.

To cool off in its waters you have to go down a wooden staircase approximately 10 meters and you will reach a platform where you can admire the hollow, its waters are transparent in shades of blue that immediately invite you to swim and explore it. On the shore you can see many fish that welcome you and if you stay very still they will come and play from between your feet, it has a depth of between 1 meter to 15 meters deep, its shape almost completes a circle, but due to to the landslide and the roots occupy a part of the place.

We recommend you to be careful with the roots of the trees since they descend from the ceiling and are hanging, which puts them in a vulnerable position and easy to grab.

In the Hacienda kampepén there is no time limit, you can arrive from when they open at 9 am and leave at 6 pm, which is the time they close, you can also take your food and use the open facilities without problem, you can also They lend so that you can organize and carry out any type of activity as long as you notify them in advance.
If you want to spend an incredible day, we recommend you visit this hacienda in Homún.

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  • Dining Area
  • Chapel
  • Camping Area
  • Indoor Parking
  • Bathrooms
  • Bike Rental
  • Safety Vest Included


  • Do not use sunscreens or sunscreens
  • Do not wear perfume
  • Don't forget your underwater camera / GoPro
  • Water shoes recommended
  • Wear a bathing suit
  • We recommend wearing goggles or snorkeling gear.
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended
  • Don't forget your hat or cap

Contact Information

Phone: +52 988 103 5337

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kampepen