Enjoy a full day at Cenote San Isidro, the ideal place in Homún to enjoy with the family as it has amenities for all ages and tastes.

This incredible place is located at the end of Calle 6 de Homún and you will have to drive about 60 meters on a dirt road, until you reach the arch that welcomes you to Cenote San Isidro.

Cenote San Isidro Homun Yucatan

At the entrance there is a Reception module where you will buy your access tickets and they will give you instructions to put the car in the parking lot, which is an advantage because everything is very close to you.

Once you park and grab your camera, you will go back to the entrance to request your life jackets, which are mandatory to use to swim in the cenotes, there you will see that there is a pond with fish, plants and with details in stone, follow the path that will take you to some stone stairs and wooden railings to descend to the San Isidro cenote, halfway you will see an impressive Mayan calendar carved into the stone and that makes it the perfect space to take a picture.< /p>

We will continue going down the same path until we find an opening in the stone to find a few steps the beautiful san isidro cenote with blue waters, this cenote is somewhat small compared to the others around it, but it has 2 stairs of access to go down to the water mirror and a part that does not have a railing to throw some dives.

Cenote San Isidro Homun Yucatan

We ask you to be a little careful not to hit your head on the stalactite formations that have formed over the years in the stones.

At the top there is an opening where natural light enters and a small artificial waterfall that splashes those who bathe in the waters of the cenote.

As a security measure, there is a rope that crosses from one end of the cenote to the other.

Cenote San Isidro Homun Yucatan

Once we have taken a dip in the Cenote we can continue the fun in one of its 8 pools here, which have a rustic design because they have been made with chukum and decorative stone details even with a small waterfall and a mini slide for the little ones.

The Grotto of the Alux.

But without a doubt, the section that you are going to love the most in one that we have baptized as “La Gruta del Alux” which is a shallow pool with a curved roof as if it were a cavern, which has murals painted all over it where we can see the Mayan goddess Ixchel, the quetzal, the toh bird, Mayan warriors, a jaguar, turtles, fish, butterflies, Kukulkan among other designs, it has a bench attached to the wall on both sides so you can sit down and relax.

Cenote San Isidro Homun Yucatan

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Additionally, it has tables and chairs around so you can better enjoy your stay and the entire area is surrounded by beautiful gardens and stone statuettes of Mayan gods.

Additional Services.

  • Cabin Rentals
  • Rest Areas
  • Parking
  • 8 Different Pools (Designed in Chukum and Stone)
  • Gardens
  • Spots for Selfies.


  • Do not use blockers or protectors.
  • Do not wear perfumes
  • Swimwear
  • Water Shoes
  • GoPro Underwater Camera
  • Change of Clothes and Towels

Location Map of Cenote San Isidro

Contact Information

  • Schedulo: 9:00 a.m a 6:00 p.m.
  • WhatsApp: 9993659514
  • Email:: reservacionesquetzal@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Cenote San Isidro

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