Tekit known as “place of desparramiento” in ancient times, this place belonged to the chiefdom Peanut Tutul Xiu, was one of the major towns.

This is a prosperous village where you will find the parish of “San Antonio de Padua”, a large temple filled with statues of saints in all niches. In truth this looks like a museum, and its altar is very simple.

Tekit is a municipality that is located in central south of the state, this town belonged to the Yucatan henequen zone. Today, their soils have agricultural potential for growing agave.

Among its tourist attractions you will find: the former convent of San Antonio de Padua, built in the sixteenth century and the chapel of San Cristobal, the town of Tekit has archaeological vestiges of the Mayan culture in Chumulá.

The most popular festivals are the June 13 festival is celebrated in honor of San Antonio de Padua, patron saint of the village. On these occasions, processions, bullfights and traditional dairies.