On the rubble of what was once a Mayan site, is the Hacienda Petac, located in the vicinity of the City of Mérida in the state of Yucatan. The infrastructure that this place presents tells us about the agile evolution that this city had over the years.

At present this hacienda is offered for rent for those families or groups that want a moment of rest and conviviality away from the city and the common, in total contact with the Mayan culture and its customs without neglecting comfort, in this place Five-star service is presented, including spa and gym services; food and non-alcoholic beverages as part of the package; allows access to the pool, the games area, bar, five rooms, the chapel and is even rented for social events such as weddings making use of both the chapel and the garden and the pool.

Packages of seven days are generally offered for the stay, however they also have smaller packages, everything is a matter of exposing what you require and you will be treated in the way you deserve.