Beautiful paradise of the Mexican Caribbean, it is the center of the Riviera Maya, the starting point for those who seek to explore the natural beauty of its tropical jungle and enjoy its wonderful beaches, captivating its visitors from all over the world. Its beaches full of palm trees, white sand, the sea of ​​all blue, the one that is surrounded by natural attractions together with the tranquility of its people, contrast when night falls, then everything changes, its environment lights up, the music resounds and the party begins, this attracts the attention of hundreds of people looking to spend a time of rest, adventure and fun in Playa del Carmen.

Downtown Playa del Carmen is like in any other city, the movement of the daily life of its inhabitants can be appreciated here, the coming and going of workers, students or housewives who every day go out to give their all. Casual reigns supreme, so you will not see exuberant shops or restaurants, only small fast food stalls that accompany the hectic lifestyle of its inhabitants, shops with what you need to solve everyday details, markets, butchers and banks.

However, it is nice to live together and enjoy the day to day with its people, where you can breathe the essence of the place. Here is the famous 5th Avenue, which is the main street of Playa del Carmen, it is very extensive, so around it you will find hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, from the most chic to the hippie, offering its visitors a great corridor of opportunities where you can spend a pleasant time.

The Fundidores Park is located on Fifth Avenue and is the meeting point for its residents and the thousands of visitors who come to Playa del Carmen. In it you will find different attractions that you can enjoy when you arrive at this place, such as the monument named "Portal Maya" that frames the sea and that welcomes you to this paradise, in addition to serving as the background for a cultural dance show Maya.

In its center you can take a souvenir photo with the letters that say Playa del Carmen, while the little ones have fun in their play area that will make them have a fun time. A beautiful church is located in one of its corners with a simple white facade, which despite being small is very beautiful and is visited by its faithful devotees at all hours of the day. Around it there are different restaurants with a variety of food, handicraft stores, tour agencies and the ADO bus station.

Right on one side of the park is the Ferry Station that will take you to the Island of Cozumel and that over the years has allowed the Islanders to have a connection with the mainland.

It is almost imperceptible, but right next to Playa is Playacar, a residential area, which has luxury hotels, golf courses and a small but attractive aviary, where you can walk, bike or if you prefer. taxi. Over time, many people from all over the world have found their home in Playa del Carmen, which is why it has become a multicultural beach, where everyone can live and coexist, further enriching the attractiveness of this place.