As for other sites in the Maya area, there is no epigraphic evidence that allows us to know the name that the settlement would have had in pre-Hispanic times; However, some colonial and ethnographic references to the area allowed Eric Thompson to point out during the thirties of the twentieth century that the name of the site would have been Kinchil Cobá, alluding to the name of the Mayan Solar God and an essentially geographical denomination that would relate to the Mayan words "Cob" (or "Kob"), cloudy or pitted, and "Ha", water, which would form the name "place of cloudy or choppy water", surely referring to the lakes around which the city was built.

Cobá is located east of the town of Cobá, in the municipality of Solidadridad, Quintana Roo. From Cancun, go to the site by federal highway 180 Cancun - Chetumal, and upon reaching Tulúm, take the 47kms deviation. That leads to the town and archaeological zone.

Cenotes of Coba

Located just 6 km from Coba are these magnificent cenotes, ideal for cooling off after having traveled the entire archaeological zone.