Muyil Mayan Structures

Plaza de la Entrada, Ruinas Mayas de Muyil

Plaza de la Entrada

The square is made up of ten pyramidal-shaped bases. On top of these, buildings called temples were built. The structures, tall and narrow in silhouette, represent the earliest civic-religious architecture of the Muyil settlement.

Estructura 7H3, Ruinas Mayas de Muyil

Structure 7H3

It is a double temple with a vaulted ceiling, the inner room has a single entrance, located in the north, the outer room has two lateral entrances and a central one. Fragments of mural painting can still be seen on some walls.

El Castillo, Ruinas Mayas de Muyil

El Castillo

The most outstanding constructions are the one known as "El Castillo", a pyramid that in its upper part stands out a temple, just at the end of the 17 meters high that it has.

El Palacio Rosa Muyil, Ruinas Mayas de Muyil

The Palacio Rosa or Structure 8

Among the elements that have been found are some murals painted inside the so-called Temple VIII, but different pieces of ceramic have also been seen in others.