One of the highly recommended activities to do in Tulum is to visit one of the cenotes that are located within a radius of 4.25 kms around.

The main cenotes near Tulum are:

These fresh water sources were a sacred place for the ancient Mayans, so it is very common that near the archaeological sites, there are cenotes a few steps from the ancient Mayan cities such as Tulum.

In these cenotes you can swim, snorkel or dive to explore the caverns that are inside these cenotes, in some of which vessels and utensils that the ancient Mayans used for their sacred rituals have been found.

Gran Cenote

The great cenote is located about 3.5 kms from Tulum on the road that goes to the Mayan ruins of Coba, this wonderful cenote is the most famous in the area. The large cenote has a cave system that can be explored by snorkeling without the need to dive.