Punta Allen is a fishing village located in the middle of the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an an ideal place for ecological tourism. Here you can admire groups of exotic birds, crocodiles, manatees, in addition to the flora of one of the largest reserves in the world.

The surrounding scenery offers a lush jungle and breathtaking sea view. Water sports like kayaking and snorkeling in are available along the nearly 100 miles of reefs off the coast of Sian Ka’an reserve.
This is a small community of just 300 inhabitants and is located in the Riviera Maya, 180 km from Cancun.

Miraculously, the natural beauty of this site, is almost completely intact.

Punta Allen, Yucatan Travel

This small community has at least 12 places to stay overnight. These accommodations include environmental huts, built of wood and guano, and have all the services in a rustic and natural.

Here you will also find a variety of international dishes and drinks. There are four restaurants in the area. Our dishes most known include the lobster, but there are many other options. The lobster is very well known because they’re caught right here. Fishing is one of the main sources of income, which supports the local hospitable people.

This site lacks electricity, because it is an archaeological site, but because it uses solar energy and starry nights are craving for a beautiful moon view or a quiet night on the beach watching a bright sky lit up, making your stay here more enjoyable again.

This is also an ideal area for all kinds of tours, especially those with character and adventure expedition, because of the variety of flora and fauna that are here. There’s also plenty of recreational fishing, which is a tradition in this town.

With these bays beaches and lagoons, within the 527 thousand 147 hectares, consisting of the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an, you can also enjoy cenotes and underground rivers.


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