It is a beach located in the many bays of the Riviera Maya, this beach has the peculiarity of having a reef just in front of its shores to which it is possible to swim and enjoy an exclusive snorkel.

The beach is shaped like a small bay and given the presence of the reef, the sea usually has a gentle swell and likewise there is a movement of seaweed and coral vegetation.

With all this, this beach is beautiful because it has that wild exoticism and the colors of the sea vary in infinite shades of blue.

Its name means "hill or destroyed ruin", which again gives us the indication that there also existed a Mayan settlement. This is a Mayan place to serenely enjoy nature and relax on a paradisiacal beach.

It also has a restaurant on the beach with outdoor tables where you can enjoy its main typical dishes based on fish and seafood.

After having a long day of travel, do not worry about where to rest here you will find a trailer park, as well as cabins and places to camp.

Fotos: Flickr