Paamul beach is located in the bay of the Riviera Maya. There is a reef just off the beach’s shore, within swimming distance and a unique snorkel experience is also offered.

The beach is shaped like a small bay and because of the reef. The sea usually has gentle waves and some seaweed and coral vegetation.

This beach is beautiful because it has that exotic wildlife and sea colors vary in countless shades of blue.

Its name means “hill or debris destroyed”, which again gives us proof that there used to be a Mayan village here. This is a Mayan site to enjoy the serenity of nature and relax in a beach paradise.

There is also a restaurant on the beach with outdoor seating where you can enjoy its many traditional dishes made with fish and shellfish.

Having had a long day of travel? Don’t worry about where to rest. Here you will find a trailer park, in addition to cabins and camping sites.

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