Tulum is located on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea, and the city is walled in it you can see several public, civic and religious buildings, within the city lived Priests, astronomers, mathematicians, architects and engineers and common people lived outside from the walled city.

In Tulum you can see several Buildings such as:

The Castle is the most outstanding building for its location (built on the rock 40 feet from the beach) and its upper temple facade, decorated with serpentine columns, zoomorphic masks and a descending deity.

Tulum Mayan Ruins

Temple of the Descending God, you can see the figure of a winged descending god, the main iconographic element of the city. Temple of the frescoes, it is adorned with ensu murals that seem to reproduce codices, the oldest temple was decorated with bluish-green paintings on a black background.

Casa de las Columnas and Casa del Halach Uinic are located on the main road, and are important examples of residential architecture in Tulum.

Enjoy a beautiful view of the sea from the cliff, and observe with great care the animals of the region such as the iguana and do not forget to visit the beach area where you will surely enjoy the Caribbean Sea.

Tulum Mayan Ruins


  1. Parking
  2. Restaurants
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Market of crafts and typical clothing of the region.


Mayan temples of Tulum

Temple of the Descending God, Tulum Mayan Ruins

Temple of the Descending God

It was erected on top of another temple which was filled in to serve as its base. In the niche located in the upper part of the door a sculpture stands out.

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Temple of Paintings, Tulum Mayan Ruins

Temple of Paintings

The facade of the inner temple is decorated with mural painting, and the exterior with stucco figures in relief: masks in the corners.

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Lenguaje e Historia, Tulum Mayan Ruins

Language and History

Deities and priests were painted, making these representations the first visual testimonies of society.

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It presents characteristics similar to those of Chichén Itzá and Mayapán, although with regional modalities that characterize the style called "de la Costa Oriental".

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Religion, Tulum Mayan Ruins


The Mayan gods were present in one or more elements of nature. Some manifested in the stars or through phenomena.

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Comercio y Navegación, Tulum Mayan Ruins

Commerce and Navigation

The Mayans participated in the commercial circuit that spanned from central Mexico to Honduras, navigating coasts, bays, coves and inlets.

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La Muralla de Tulum, Tulum Mayan Ruins

La Muralla

It allowed to control the activities inside, in addition to safeguarding its residents, marking the difference between the elite and the common people.

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