What was previously considered a fishing village, today is a tourist destination that attracts the attention of people from all over the world, due to its incredible beaches, cenotes, archaeological sites and its preserved natural environment.

Tulum Magic Town

In the still town of Tulum you can find all kinds of services such as a small ADO terminal, Banks, Exchange Houses, Internet Cafes, Tourist Information, Tours, Vehicle or Bicycle Rentals, Restaurants, Hotels, markets, handicraft stores, supers , among other things.

Here there is also a Central park where the Government Palace is located, the letters of memory of the name of Tulum, a park with the Mayan calendar, a field in which cultural and recreational activities are carried out, a park and small posts.

Above all, this is the place where you will appreciate the daily life of its inhabitants, you will enjoy the coming and going of its inhabitants and it is the starting point to move to the different attractions of Tulum.

Tulum Town Gallery

Tulum Magic TownTulum Magic TownTulum Magic TownTulum Magic Town