Multum-Ha means hill of stones in the water, it is given this name because you can see under the platform a heap of well-heeled stones that give the impression of being a Mayan ruin, this cenote was discovered 15 years ago, but open to the public just 3 years ago.

The residents of this town formed a cooperative to condition and secure this impressive place. As it is underground you will have to go down some wooden stairs in a spiral shape 18 meters to access it, while you descend you can feel the breeze with the surface temperature but when you are close to the entrance it changes completely, turning it into a nice place no matter the season of the year.

coba, riviera maya

When you go down the stairs you will walk through a tunnel a few steps in which you will see how the cavern is discovered showing itself in all its splendor, immediately a wooden platform extends that has 3 entrances to the cenote and a free platform to its left by if you want to dive.

Because it is underground, it has artificial lighting that allows you to see perfectly through its crystal clear waters, its formations, depth and the fish that inhabit. The tranquility and beauty of the place immediately invite you to enjoy its fresh waters, if you need equipment to explore this cenote right there they rent what you need so that you do not miss the opportunity to live and enjoy this magnificent place, in addition to on the surface they have bathrooms and dressing rooms in case you need to change.

coba, riviera mayacoba, riviera maya

Located 10 minutes from Coba you will have to deviate along a dirt road for a kilometer and a half since it is located in the jungle, when you arrive you will feel in contact with nature and you will be impressed by the path that you must travel to admire this wonderful cenote.