Maní is a town in Yucatán, located south of the city of Mérida, just an hour and a half away, on the famous Ruta de los Conventos, very close to the city of Ticul.

Steeped in history, this is where Fray Diego de Landa performed his "Act of Faith" ceremony. (Law of Faith), when he ordered the burning and destruction of many Mayan documents and statues during the Franciscan movement to convert the indigenous people to Christianity.

Maní Yucatán, Mural of Toh Birnd and Deer in Maní

Although later he regretted what he was doing, he tried to rescue part of the documents, but the damage had already been done, for which he dedicated himself to the study of the Mayan culture and in this way to be able to rescue a part of the history of The Mayans, way of life and religious beliefs.

For which reason a Franciscan monastery was built in this place that served as a hospital and at the same time as a school to evangelize the Mayans of the region, today we know it as the church of "St. Michael the Archangel" in which the convent and a museum are preserved.

Maní Yucatán, Giant Letters of Maní Pueblo Mágico

It still preserves the colonial style of that time in its streets and surroundings, the pace of life is calm, so walking through its streets creates an atmosphere of relaxation in the mind.

Former Convent of San Miguel Arcangel in Mani

Former Convent of San Miguel Archangel

It is one of the most relevant sacred art jewels in Yucatan, today, almost four and a half centuries after its construction, it still stands majestically despite the years...

The Causeway of Love

The Causeway of Love

One of the most romantic spots in this magical town is the Calzada del Amor, a small cobbled street located next to the Municipal Palace, which is decorated with hearts, confetti banners and a chair for confidants to have a drink. photo as a couple, plus a heart-shaped swing.

La Mestiza, Restaurant in Maní

La Mestiza Restaurant

The perfect place to dine in Maní, they have an extensive menu among which stand out pastas, hamburgers and cuts of meat that can be placed in edible gold sheets which you can accompany with a Yucatecan Carajillo, any Cold Brew of...