MaMa meas “No, No” while some indigenous people do not often use the word breast, without an accent instead of mother or mother.

On the foundation of Mama (maternal term Water “) is not accurate, although there before the conquest.

In ancient times belonged to the chiefdom Grabs. After the arrival of the Spanish population was part of the parcel by Don Juan Aguilar in 1850.

The surface of this place is considered flat plain rock barrier or sires, high and steep. In the town of Mama no surface water streams, however underground deposits form commonly known as cenotes. In some cases the roofs collapse and form these washes.

The climate here is sub-humid and prevailing winds from the southeast.

mama, Convents Route

In its predominant flora of tropical deciduous forest with secondary vegetation, and their most common species are the chechem, bonnet and poppy. And most common wildlife animals are mammals: spider monkey, rabbit, raccoon, reptiles iguanas, lizards, buzzards, birds: chachalaca, tzutzuy, chel and quail.

Pottery is the most important activity here.

Its most popular festival is from 4 to 15 August in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption are made dairies, dances and processions.