Located next to the main square of Oxkutzcab and in front of the market is a beautiful church dedicated to San Francisco de Asís, it was founded on May 5, 1581 as history tells us was Fray Cristóbal de Rivera, minister of the Indians and great repairer of convents, who made the Church and expansion of the convent from its foundations, but unfortunately he could not see it finished since he died in 1645 and the church was finished between the years 1693 - 1699, Tuscan style has a Simple smooth but very beautiful facade, in the window of the choir it has some small details of carved stone that adorn it, the figures are a carved cross, two crowned lions, two finials and the figures of the sun and the moon, a little higher we can see the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi to whom this church was dedicated and next to it you can see 3 belfries in which bells were once placed.

Church of San Francisco de Asis

Inside, there are three naves separated by simple stone columns, a beautiful baroque-style altarpiece, whose three sections and top are vertically divided by Solomonic-style columns that cover the entire back wall of the presbytery. It is decorated by paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs in which we can appreciate the Virgin Mary, the crucified Christ, the risen Christ, the Holy Trinity, the apostles, among others.

Only the bell tower, the arcades of the cloister and some rooms remain of the convent. The chapel that is currently the church garden still preserves the tombs of the first Franciscans who lived there.

At the beginning of 2011, INAH began the restoration of the church's facade, changing its traditional white for a colonial yellow, repairing and restoring the damaged parts, leaving it extremely beautiful and in good condition.

Photos of the Church of San Francisco de Asis

Church of San Francisco de Asis Church of San Francisco de Asis Church of San Francisco de AsisChurch of San Francisco de Asis