The hermitage of the Virgen del Pilar was built in the year 1697 and is strategically located to the south of the population at the top of what is called the low mountain range in the town of Oxkutzcab.

When visiting the church we are greeted by a beautiful arch, which is adorned by a stone cross in its highest part, this is the entrance that protects a whole journey until we reach the church. Once we cross it we will see that it is very well delimited by a strong and wide fence that adorns the entire path through which we will go, we will begin our journey ascending its stone steps that little by little will take us to the top where it is located church. Something that catches our attention is the fact that its inhabitants have built their houses along the entire path and using the fence as the entrance to their homes, giving us the impression of being a neighborhood.

After approximately 10 minutes, we arrived at an esplanade with a stone floor in which in its center is the Hermitage, painted in red, it has a simple but beautiful structure, decorated with a stone carving of an extended eagle and columns on its sides, in the upper part a belfry and inside it a bell with which the people were called to mass.

La Ermita de Oxcutzcab

Inside it is painted completely white, in the background there is a small altar where the Virgin of Pilar is placed, just at the entrance on the left side a wooden cross in which her devotees place flowers at her feet, the decoration it is modest but very typical of the population.

Thanks to the fact that it is located on a hill, it provides its visitors with a panoramic view of the town and allows us to see its landscapes and surroundings, this is a good opportunity to take a photo and take a pleasant memory of the place.


Oxkutzcab HermitageOxkutzcab HermitageOxkutzcab Hermitage Oxkutzcab Hermitage Oxkutzcab HermitageOxkutzcab Hermitage