Chichen Itzá is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico, the cradle of the Itza and the Mayan civilization, it is a place full of history. When touring its spaces, the great constructions of its first inhabitants are discovered, a sample of their great knowledge in astronomy, architecture and numerology. Recently named a wonder of the modern world, the city of Chichen Itzá houses data that you probably did not know.

1. The Sound of the Quetzal.

There is an electroacoustic effect that occurs on one side of the main pyramid of Chichen Itza, in front of one of the stairs, when a person applauds the echo effect that is heard at the other end of the building, it generates a sound that simulates being the song of a Quetzal. This new attraction was discovered by chance, by the tourist guides of the site.

The Sound of Quetzal in Chichen Itza

2. Slaughter table.

Inside the temple of the warriors, in the highest part there is a table, supported by statues of little elves, known among the Mayans as "Aluxes"; It is said that here sacrifices were made to the gods, it has some holes through which the blood ran until it reached the sacred cenote. Access to this area is currently no longer allowed.

Skulls in Chichen Itza

3. Solstice.

Twice a year a very peculiar astronomical phenomenon can be appreciated at Chichen Itzá, the summer and winter solstices, in which the sun is reflected through the windows of the observatory. In winter the sun reaches its maximum southern position and in summer its maximum northern position.

Eddie Salazar Gamboa is the discoverer of the nocturnal phenomenon of the descent of the Kukulkan that occurs in the early mornings of the solstices and equinoxes and that is identified with the feminine manifestation of this deity.

Kukulcan, Serpiente Enplumada en Chichen Itza

4. The "Caracol" of Chichen.

The Chichen Itzá observatory is also known as the Caracol, due to the shape of its stairs, where the equinoxes occur when aligning with Venus and the Sun. On its walls there are handprints that, it is said, are of those who built the edifice.

Caracol Mayan Observatory in Chichen Itzá

5. The jaguar inside the pyramid.

Inside the Kukulkan pyramid there is a jaguar and a chacmol, both adorned with jade, but which can no longer be seen as access to the public is closed.

The Jaguar and Chacmool inside the Kukulcan castle

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