The town of Yaxunah belonging to the municipality of Yaxcabá is located just 20 minutes from the archaeological zone of Chichen Itzá and an hour and a half from the city of Mérida.

In this town there are 3 attractions that are worth visiting. The first is located on the outskirts of the town just over the curve before entering and it is the archaeological remains of the ancient Mayan city of Yaxunah.

Here time seems to have stopped since it is in its almost virgin state, after the abandonment of this ancient Mayan city that was part together with Chichen Itzá and Coba an important city that was linked by means of a Sacbe of about 100 kms, one of the largest the Mayan area.

In the town we can find the Yaxunah Cultural Center, a space dedicated to theater, art, drama, photography, painting and much more.

Children's Mural, Yaxunah Cultural Center

The youth and children belonging to this community are proud of their roots participating in various activities and being useful to their people.

Here in the community center there is a mural that represents the essence of Yaxunah, a museum where 2 murals made by children with recycled material are exhibited, a representation of a Mayan tomb, as well as ancient objects that were donated by members of the oldest families of the town and explanations of archaeological pieces that were found in the archaeological zone.

It also has a small botanical garden with plants from the region.

In front of the community center is the third attraction, a beautiful and beautiful cenote with blue waters called Lol Ha.

Cenote Lol-Ha