Very close to the city of Valladolid, in the municipality of Uayma, you can find a place full of history.

The Temple and Ex-Convent of Santo Domingo was built with stones extracted from the nearby archaeological cities, this in 1646, unfortunately the first construction was destroyed during the caste war, so in 1891 it was raised again, during In this process, it was tried not to leave a trace of the Spanish influences, so the work was more complicated, culminating the total restoration in 2005.

It is a large church, with an atrium and a large patio, as it was here that the Franciscans summoned people and invited them to convert to the Catholic religion. At the beginning of the restoration work, the original decorations that it had were seen, thus enhancing the figures stamped both on the internal and external walls, with stars and large and colorful rosettes that give a cheerful and inviting appearance. to be visited.

templo y ex convento de santo domingo, uayma yucatan

The tones used also have a meaning as well, the color red represents the martyrdom and suffering of Jesus Christ; green for its part represents the hope of the faithful; for their part, the stars and the roses refer to Marian veneration.

It has a single nave and two doors on the sides in addition to the main one at the entrance; It is on the north side where the part of the convent is located, with two porticoes, one to the front with three arches and one to the side with eight, one of the departments has been converted into a chapel where some masses are also celebrated.

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Cenote Uayma Ha en Uayma

Cenote Uayma

This beautiful cenote is located about 3 km from the town of Uayama, it is an open type cenote and when you arrive at it, you will be greeted by the singing of several birds that live in the surroundings, access includes bathrooms, changing tables, hammocks , parking area, life jackets...