The settlement of Valladolid used to have in its center a square area of 100 m2 (1,076 ft2) where a Mayan pyramid used to stand, but it was demolished by the conquerors that used the stones to builds the church, city hall and main houses.

In its place, the left a great area known as Plaza de Armas (Arms square).

Valladolid Canton Park, Yucatan Travel

The park’s fences were inaugurated in 1900 during the government of General Francisco Cantón Rosado, who donated it personally.

The fountain of “La Mestiza”(mixed race woman) located in the center of the park, is an homage to the Yucatec woman, results of fusion of Mayan an Spanish cultures.

The sculpture dons produly the top Yuvatec regional outfit: the therno.

Mr Manuel Cachón Cimá sculpted ” La Mestiza” in 1924, by comand of the vallisoletan Governos, Don José María Iturralde Tracosnis.

Valladolid Canton Park Mestiza, Yucatan Travel

The current a sculpture is a replica of the original, since it was replaced for some time by an obelisk remembering the heroes of the 4th of June.

Today, the fountain of “La Mestiza” and the Park Francisco Cantón are icons of the city and are frequently visited by locals and tourists.

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