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Cenote Xcanche - Ek Balam

cenote xcanche, ek balam yucatan

The Xcanché cenote is located 1.5 km from the archaeological site of Ek Balam, to reach the can make trucks and / or type mountain bike.

This site is operated by a cooperative indigenous Mayan and offer services such as ecotourism hikes to admire nature in the region, camping area, zip line, rappelling, composting toilets, a rest area with hammocks and a restaurant with regional cuisine of Yucatan.


  1. Restaurant offering regional cuisine prepared with the exquisite seasoning of Mayan women in the region.
  2. palapa rest and 4 palapa umbrella-type table and chairs.
  3. Sale of handicrafts from the region directly from the artisan.
  4. Composting toilets.
  5. Supply and installation of solar energy and communications equipment.
  6. Equipment for camping activities.
  7. Dressing area.

cenote xcanche, ek balam yucatan

How to reach Cenote Ek Balam and Xcanché?

Arrive first at Valladolid and take the road to a Tizimin Yucatan, from the village of Temozón drive for about 5 minutes (6 Km) and turn right, from there will lead about 4 Kms reaching the intersection continue straight for 1 aproximandamente km to reach the tourist stop of Ek Balam, next to the inn is an entrance to the cenote Xcanché.