X’Keken in Maya means pork and due to a curious legend, this cenote is named. They tell their residents that some people had a pig that was lost in the forest but always returned full of mud even in times of drought, so they decided to follow him and this led them to a cave to enter realized it was not a cave if not a cenote and because this is known as the cenote X’keken.

The sinkhole is located on the Merida-Valladolid road, 3 km before arriving in Valladolid. Open to the public from 7:00 to 17:00 hrs.

cenotes en yucatan, Cenote Dzitnup o Xkeken

Enter through a narrow hole, since it is an underground cavern, but to get open, it is a spectacular venue which will be surprised. It has 3 entrances, steps made of stone found in front of the cenote where you can if you wish only to observe, relax or put your stuff, handrails on the edges and also if you need them the vests can be rented.

You can see stalactites, turquoise waters are illuminated by natural light entering through a hole in the center of the dome. In which you can swim and cool snokeliar for a very long time.

Upon entering the cenote you will see a stone that can stand between the stairs and the stone is a small pool for little ones also enjoy the refreshing waters or admiring the fish in the living leaving them mesmerized. Then you will notice a huge white color formation impress you and where you can reach it by swimming, this Cenote is crystal clear and deep, so cross it is an adventure, has ropes along if you get tired and same time enjoy its beautiful formations.

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