Poc chuc is one of the most requested dishes in the Yucatan peninsula, each town has its own style of preparing it, without a doubt wherever you try it you will surely enjoy it.

In Valladolid there is a restaurant with delicious food with a completely relaxed atmosphere, they specialize in regional food, the menu they offer is traditional, in the that you will feel that each dish was made at home, we are referring to La Tía Valladolid which is located a few blocks from the historic center.

 La Tía Pocchuc de Kaua Valladolid, Restaurante en Valladolid

They have a covered terrace and ample parking, here you will eat a lot, delicious and even at a fair price, in addition to having promotional packages for locals during the week, which you will not be able to resist. As if that were not enough, on weekends they delight their diners with live music creating a party atmosphere, but at the same time they create the ideal atmosphere to wear out food. They have home service.


  • Traditional Poc Chuc
  • Roasted "Longaniza of Valladolid"
  • Encamisados (Eggs being baked inside a corn tortilla)
  • Tabla (Pork, Beef, Chicken and Longaniza, accompanied by strained beans or kabax)
  • Nachos
  • Frijol Colado (Strained bean)
  • Frijol Kabax (Beans)
  • Chiltomate
  • Eggs with Longaniza of Valladolid
  • Hanmande Tortillas (Naturals and Salt and Butter)

 La Tía Pocchuc de Kaua Valladolid, Restaurante en Valladolid


  • Terrace
  • Live Music
  • Parking
  • Bathrooms
  • Home Service
  • Take away service
  • They accept Card Payments

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