Balankanché caves are located just 6 kilometers away from Chichen Itza, a place famous for its ceremonial uses, as there are data that record their occupation during the Mayan-Toltec period and everything seems to indicate that inside these caves was where they were they celebrated the religious ceremonies of its inhabitants.

The first thing you will see when you enter will be the Balam throne where apparently the main rituals were performed in honor of this character; As you go a little further, you will come across a semi-dry lake where you will see some small vessels, a sample of the offerings that were made here.

As you walk through the entire cave, you will notice different objects such as censers, plates, some jewelery, even ceramics, a few figures of the god Chaac are also found here, as well as impressive hands on the walls, among other things.

At some point along the route, you will arrive at a very striking place, as it is a stalactite that touches the ground, resembling a large ceiba tree, here also rituals of worship were performed, some of the objects that the faithful are observed they deposited as offerings.

To complete the historical learning that this place provides, it offers you a light and sound show in which its history is told, you can also visit the museum that is located next to these caves, there you will see even more objects and some plaques with their descriptions that will contextualize you in the story.

Visiting hours are from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, with a general admission of 105 pesos to foreigners and 78 pesos to nationals.