The Yucatan peninsula has many natural attractions, which attract people from all over the world, who visit the region to learn, enjoy and visit each one of them.

Such is the case of the Eco Parque Cenote Xcajum, which is located very close to one of the 7 Modern Wonders that is Chichen Itza, this is located on the road that goes from Piste to Dzitás, just 100 meters before reaching the town. The entrance is very wide with enough places to park, when you enter you will see a huge one-story construction that welcomes you, it is a huge store where you can buy some souvenirs of your visit such as crafts, jewelry, clothing, articles for water, typical sweets of the region, among other things.

Parque Ecoturistico Cenote Xcajum

As you go through the store you will arrive at the ticket office where they will offer you various packages to enjoy either the whole day or just the visit to the cenote, on one side there is a picturesque straw house that contains life jackets, this is not optional, it is mandatory to carry the vest for everyone's safety.

Once you have chosen the package, you will be able to enter a new area that houses an incredible place designed for you to enjoy your visit from beginning to end. To begin with, it is possible to rent lockers where you can safely leave your things so that you don't carry them everywhere, on one side are the bathrooms and changing tables so that you are more comfortable and ready to cool off for a while.

Opposite is the Restaurant that has an extensive menu and buffet bar ready to delight you with the typical flavors of the region, right on one side it has a swimming pool for the little ones to enjoy while they wait for their food to be ready.

In the central part there are stairs that go down in level, where on the left side are the showers since it is important that before entering the cenote you rinse yourself to eliminate traces of perfume, cream or sunscreen that may contaminate the water .

Parque Ecoturistico Cenote Xcajum
Parque Ecoturistico Cenote Xcajum

In front of this place there is a rest area with hammocks and chairs so that you can enjoy the garden where the peacocks are constantly walking. If we continue descending the stairs, we will notice a large entrance that is actually a well-designed cave with stone stairs and beautiful ornaments around it, which lead us firstly to 4 different balconies overlooking the Cenote that allow us to see different points of its beauty.

When descending even further down the stairs you will be able to access the cenote that is completely open surrounded by nature and at a great depth, which has 2 accesses, one where there is a wooden platform in which you can jump into fun and complex nailing in the fresh waters of green tones with a depth of approximately 40 meters. Along the sides, next to the large stone walls, there are two paths on both sides so that people can spread out and enjoy this wonderful place.

Parque Ecoturistico Cenote Xcajum

The hole is impressive from where you look at it, it will impress you, and touring it either swimming or in a little boat is the most exciting. Do not forget to take many photos of the memory on its different balconies or from wherever you are. After cooling off and having fun for a while, you can relax in its facilities if you chose the Diamante Cenote package, and spend an unforgettable day in this wonderful place.


  • Handicraft shop
  • Convenience Store (Soft Drinks, Cookies, Sweets)
  • Greens Area
  • Pool
  • Changing tables for ladies and gentlemen
  • Bathrooms
  • Lockers Area
  • Rest Area with Hammocks.
  • ATV Ride (Additional)
  • Mayan Priest (Additional)
  • 4 Viewpoints
  • Restaurant with capacity for 300 People


  • Bring a swimsuit
  • Bring Change of Clothes
  • Do not use sunscreen & nbsp; or non-biodegradable creams,
  • Don't forget your underwater camera or GoPro

Video of Cenote X-cajum