The Road of the Friars was built in the 16th century to connect Valladolid with the indian town of Sisal. A sketch and some descriptions of those times remain. It is a sort of alley way that connects, the neighborhood of Sisal with the five streets and the main street (41 Street), that gives access to downtown Valladolid.

In this area, architectonic details of great value were rescued and renovated giving as a result a group of houses, roads and lights that recalls the colonial past of Valladolid.

The road is located on 41-A Street, between the 46th and 54th Streets (by the 5 Streets) in the Sisal neighborhood.

The estate of the 5 streets is known to have been property of Don Marcial Vidal, a prosperous trader, businessman, owner of the San Gregorio plantation and revolutionary hero of “The First Spark”.

Afterwards in belonged to the priest Edesio Pech San Miguel, it houses the Valladolid High School, handcraft store and now property of the Figueroa Martínez family.

Calzada de los Frailes, Valladolid Yucatán

Originally, the building had only one level, the second one being build in the early 20th Century. It had an enclosed garden in the front, at the crossroad of “The 5 Streets” and whose columns can still be seen in the inside of the central court of the house. It was kept open to the public, which made people called it “La Plazoleta de las Cinco Calles” (The Small Square of the Five Streets)