The Church of San Servacio with its glorious tower, holds cannons that served to recover the city in 1848, from the hands of the rebellious Indians who started the Caste War. The inhabitants proudly preserve it as a reminder of their glorious past.

One of the most visited places in Valladolid is undoubtedly the Church of San Servacio, but it was not always like that, because in previous years they were not so valued, it was until its remodeling in 1703, when its entrance was even changed, this event was known in the city as "the crime of the mayors."

At first the entrance was on 42nd Street, proof of this are the sculptures representing Saint Peter and Saint Paul that are now seen on the sides, originally they guarded the entrance to the temple.

In the upper part of the church there is a clock that has prevailed over the years, thanks to the care of a family of watchmakers from this place; There are also two towers with bell towers, at the top there are two crosses carved in stone, one in each tower.

Iglesia San Servacio

Inside you can see the main altarpiece with four more altarpieces with some sculptures in the niches, a Churrigueresque style altar remains here as well as some crypts that are just over 100 years old; to the outside the atrium and the annex.

The church was rebuilt due to its desecration during the crime of the mayors, because after being dismissed they sought refuge in this place, when the inhabitants found out they rose up against them, killing both inside the enclosure. To erase this fact that stained the name and the essence of the church, the bishop in turn orders it to be demolished and rebuilt, changing the position of the altar and consequently the entrance.

Currently the church is in the same location but its entrance is now located at Calle 39 by 40 and 42, in the center of the city, just on the south side of the main square.

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San Servacio Church, Valladolid Pueblo MágicoSan Servacio Church, Valladolid Pueblo MágicoSan Servacio Church, Valladolid Pueblo MágicoIglesia de San Servacio en Valladolid Pueblo Mágico