One of the forms of transportation in the old Mérida was by horse-drawn carriage, With soft seats, roofs and guided by a horse, this was the means by which the Yucatecans moved from one place to another. Currently, these floats continue to be used, but for tourist purposes, since on board them visitors can tour the city while the driver gives them a brief explanation of each point they pass through.

Izamal is one of the cities of Yucatán in which the carriages do not go out of style, it is a pleasant way to get to know it passing through its main attractions, starting from the main square, crossing through the Capilla de los Remedios, the old train station and the main streets, to finally return to the starting point.

Izamal undoubtedly has a lot to teach, and what better way than in the company of an inhabitant who knows and has grown up with the stories that each place protects, all of this will also be told throughout the course of the trip that lasts approximately 45 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that something that gives a touch of uniqueness to Izamal is that the carriages, in addition to providing tourist services, are still used as a common means of transportation among its inhabitants.