Izamal Magic Town in Mexico, it’s at the center of the Yucatan Peninsula 72 km east from Merida city along the interstate to Tekanto, detour to the right at km 54. Its history from its foundation to the present is linked to a strong religious tradition because this site was a large Mayan ceremonial center.

Izamal is an important ceremonial center at the region. In this place seven pyramids were built, and, even though the Spanish respected some temples, the used stones from old buildings to give life to new constructions like the charming monastery of San Antonio de Padua founded by Fray Diego de Landa and the Franciscan missionaries in 1549. This monastery has a courtyard that is second only to the San Pedro in The Vatican.

Izamal Magic Town en Yucatan

This city has Mayan pyramids colonial buildings parks and squares. You will also be able to visit the community museum next to the monastery.

The concert “Voices and magic at Izamal” is a touristic and cultural show based in a historical document related to the Mayan presence and work.

Merida City Hall organizes the Merida in Sunday program where shows are offered to the public at different parts of the downtown of the City.

The most important ones are the very traditional Yucatecan Vaqueria. A custom born in the old livestocks were women attended to the guests and their wives and at the end danced Mayan music combined with Spanish tunes. Nowadays vaquerias are a common practice in the state towns to celebrate the town’s saint.

Izamal Magic Town en Yucatan

During this parties when somebody says the word Bomba! the music stops and a dancer said a quatrain in joke, that got the guests applauses.

In this representation you’ll be able to enjoy vaqueria and some typical dance. In this cultural program stands with handcrafts, typical yucatecan clothes and yucatecan snacks are set on the streets.

You’re invited to enjoy this cultural program with your family.


Video of Izamal