Convent San Antonio of Padua Izamal

This convent was founded in 1549 by the Franciscan Friars, but it was not until some years later when its construction began, under the guidance of Fray Diego de Landa. It was erected on the ruins of the old pre-hispanic building known as Paphol-Chac.

In 1562 the works came to an end and with the same Fray Diego de Lnad brought an image of the immaculate Conception from Guatemala; time, thus giving Izamal became a sanctuary giving the most important Maria of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Project giving architectural was due to Fray Juan de Mérida and presented the characteristics of the numerous convents raised in S giving. XVI: Heard great atrium with four chapels posing in its corners, the chapel of Indians, the church and convent giving proper with its orchard. Giving during the 17th century and weighing less in two stages were built the corridors that unite the chapels posing to shelter the pilgrims in the processions: With them was destroyed the ship of perishable materials that exited in the chapel of Indians. It was also added in the back of the nave of the church giving the virgin´s dressing room, her staircase and buttresses. Giving during the eighteenth century the façade of the church was reformed; The mural paintings are from the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century.
Currently giving convent is still under the custody of the friars of the Franciscan province San Felipe of Jesus of México.

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