Kinich Kakmo Pyramid

This is of the most important structures of Mesoamerica; its base measures 200 m by 180 m and the heighth of the upper temples is more than 34 m. It was built around 400-600 A.D and must have covered much older buildings, closing off the north side of the great plaza of Izamal.

For sure the location of this structure was influenced by the presence of a cave or limestone extraction pit, an important sacred place for the Mesoamerican cultures, wich was forever entombed with this building. According to tradition, it was dedicated a sun god, who, in the form of a Fire Macaw, descend daily to pick up offering which were made to it.

What is outstanding about the construction are the large stone which were used, especially those shaping the staircase or employed in the cornices. The building was still well preserved in the middle of the 16thc; The same for the stucco decoration which has now completely disappeared.

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