Americas Park is located in Colonia Garcia Gineres, on Avenida Colon 10, minutes walking from the Hotel Fiesta Americana and Hyatt. This park has four main areas.

Park of America, Merida Yucatan

The first area you will find a playground with games, and small track for bicycles and carts.
In the second area is a large band shell. It is an outdoor theater with Mayan elements. It has two corridors that give honor to the Temple of the Warriors in Chichen Itza, because it consists of many columns

The third is the Library “Jose Marti”. This library is shaped like a Mayan hut adorned with a pheasant and a deer on both sides of the building. In the back of the library you will find a place to read and admire the shields of each countries of Latin America, flanked by two input and two Mayan chac mools and trails.

Park of Americas, Merida Yucatan

The fourth is a platform gallery, adorned with the faces of the rain god Chaac and 7 Kukulcan resembling snakes.

How to arrive

If you take the tour in Turibus, tours the carnavalito they take to the Park of the Americas. You can also request the service carriage ride which goes through the main streets of the historic center, Paseo de Montejo and ask to be taken to the Park of the Americas.

Park of Americas, Merida Yucatan


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