Around 1884, simple shed roof of corrugated iron sheets was built. It had three galleries, surrounded by simple arches and a railing.

On September 16, 1887 it was given the name of “Mercado de Galvez”. It was later demolished to build another market place with a larger tin roof that was opened in 1909. However this market was also demolished in 1948. After that it became the current market that we can still see today.

Lucas de Galvez Market, Merida Yucatan

To learn something of the culture of Yucatan, we invite you to visit this market. This is the only place where you can buy all the ingredients for the delights of Yucatecan food, since many of the ingredients can only be purchased from this place and are prepared by Mayan people. These Mayan people come to town to sell these goods, as well as fruits and vegetables that are grown fresh and locally.

In the Lucas de Galvez market you can also find a section where they’re selling Yucatecan clothes, hand-embroidered and dyed by hand by the Maya of today.

Lucas de Galvez Market, Merida Yucatan

Lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the local people and pay attention to what they say. You will surely leave this place talking a little bit of Mayan and enjoying a delicious Xec, a fruit with chile and lime.

This market is located in the streets 65 and 69 for 56 from the center of the city of Merida within walking distance of the Museum of the City.