Sisal, now recognized as Pueblo Mágico, is one of the ports with great historical, cultural and natural heritage in the State of Yucatan, due to the fact that in colonial times it was a point of great importance for the commercialization of various products such as fiber from henequen, cocoa, cotton, among others. Such was its importance that the Empress Carlota Amalia built a property to establish in this place, not only because of the economic attractiveness that it represented in her time, but because she was struck by the beauty of the port.

It is located just 53 kilometers northeast of Mérida, taking the Mérida-Hunucma-Sisal highway, it will take you an hour and a half to get to the Costa Smeralda, all the way is an adventure, since it allows you to know the city, some populations that You have to go and enjoy the nature that will accompany you all the way.

Sisal is a quiet and small place, it is a fishing port where its inhabitants are friendly and hospitable, making this an ideal place for those who seek to get away and rest from daily stress.

Playas de Sisal, Sisal Pueblo Mágico de Yucatan

Its main attraction is its beaches of green tones that contrast with the soft white sand, surrounded by dunes and palm trees that immediately invite you to lie down, sunbathe and cool off for a while.

In addition to the beach you can appreciate many historical buildings that have survived over time, such as the Maritime Customs, The House of the Empress Carlota, the Fort of Santiago, El Faro and the cannons located in the central park that are witnesses of defense against pirates in ancient times.

The pier is the meeting point for those who enjoy fishing, you don't need to be an expert, but have the desire to sit down, relax and be patient, while the sun's rays decline, offering a landscape of orange, pink and orange tones. purple, which allows it to become a moment of companionship, talk and above all a great fun as something falls on their hooks.

Playas de Sisal, Sisal Pueblo Mágico de Yucatan

A tour that you cannot miss is the boat tour through the El Palmar State Reserve, in which you will be taken to explore the mangroves that inside protect a great marine fauna and a great variety of endemic and migratory birds that find refuge in this place. Take a camera because depending on the season and your luck, you can enjoy crocodiles, jellyfish, flamingos, pelicans, cormorants, raccoons, herons, among other wonders.

The gastronomy of this place is based on fresh fish and maris of the day, but you can also find traditional and typical food from our State on its menus. There are many restaurants, inns and houses that offer delicious food daily for those who visit Sisal beach.

Sisal Pueblo Mágico

Having recognized it in 2020 as a Magic Town, various rescue and restoration works have been carried out on the port, so you can take a photo of the memory in the giant letters with the name of Sisal with the sea and the pier in the background. At night you can admire an illuminated and cobbled path until you reach the pier, which allows you to enjoy a more romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

We could tell you every corner of what Sisal offers you, but we prefer that you get to know it and go through it yourself. During your visit to Yucatan, don't forget to visit this beautiful Magic Town called Sisal.

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Ecotours Sisal

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