It is the port of entry to Yucatan, an unbeatable place for practicing the most varied water sports: surfboard, windsurf and kayak. Here you can walk along the boardwalk, enjoy the breeze, and savor delicious regional food in the many restaurants that line the harbor boardwalk.

Today, it is the arrival point for numerous tourist cruises from around the world, from which countless passengers disembark, enjoying not only its charm and its exquisite taste of a historic port, but also the peace and friendliness of the city. their people.

Puerto Progreso Yucatan, Playas de Progreso

Here you will find a large supermarket, a typical market, a square, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, exchange houses, taxis, banks, handicraft shops, etc.

Puerto Progreso is the favorite beach of the Yucatecans since during the holiday season all families come to enjoy the sand, the sea and the sun, especially for Easter and the months of July and August.

The rest of the year the port remains quiet and only on weekends can you find a little more vacationers.

Puerto Progreso Yucatan, Playas de Progreso

One of the traditional restaurants that you must visit is "El Toro" that still preserves its wooden construction, it is a restaurant with modest decoration, when you enter you will feel that you go back some 50 years in time, but that its lack of modernity does not fool you. that the service and attention are first class.

Not for nothing is it the favorite restaurant of the Yucatecans, who regardless of their economic condition come to enjoy the best in fish and seafood.

We also recommend you take a souvenir photo at "La casa del pastel" located at the end of the boardwalk, an eclectic building that displays ornate Art Deco elements.

Location of Puerto Progreso

It is located to the north, 36 km from the city of Mérida by highway no. 261. The waters of its wonderful beaches are so calm that boat races, windsurfing and fishing tournaments are frequently held.

El Timón Restaurant in Progreso

El Timón Restaurant

El Timón Restaurant is located just 6 minutes from the entrance of Progreso and 2 minutes from the boardwalk, towards the road to Chicxulub, with specialties in Seafood and Meat. And at night an extensive menu of Hamburgers and Snacks.

Progreso Attractions

Callejón del Amor en Puerto Progreso Yucatan

Callejon del Amor

It is located a few blocks from the boardwalk, this tourist walkway has some murals to take photos, a huge heart symbol of love and the word "Love" in the Mayan language.

El Corchito, Puerto Progreso Yucatan

El Corchito Ecological Reserve

It is located a few meters from the entrance to Progreso, next to the rafting track, access is by boat and has 3 beautiful cenotes surrounded by mangroves and its main hosts are friendly raccoons who live in the reserve.

Muelle de Chocolate, Puerto Progreso Yucatan

Muelle de Chocolate

This pier connects to the Traditional and International Malecones, it was remodeled in recent years since the original pier was destroyed by Hurricane Gilberto, ideal for walking in the afternoon to watch the sun go down.

Malecón International, Puerto Progreso Yucatan

Malecon International

This new 1 km long boardwalk is located on the side of the Playon Poniente de Progreso, has a carousel, children's play area, various figures to take photos and can be traveled by bicycle or on foot

Pig Beach, Yucatan

The Beach of the Miniature Pigs

A beautiful public beach that has become the home of 8 miniature pigs that were rescued from abuse, located next to the naval, access is free and you can see the pigs swim, pet them or take a picture with them.

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