Located 85 Kms from the city of Mérida is this fishing village "Dzilam Bravo" that have been organized to offer ecotourism boat rides where you can know the different attractions that are in the surroundings such as the springs in the region , the elepeten cenote, the lagoon where you can observe the different birds of the region and lizards in their natural habitat.

Dzilam de Bravo

To enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Dzilam Bravo, there are boat tours to Las Bocas and Punta Arenas.

Las Bocas, where the river and the sea meet, as well as being a part of civilization, it is a very quiet place where you can practice camping and take a bath on the virgin beaches, it also has a freshwater spring, bath ecological and palapa to hang hammocks.

In Punta Arenas, you will have the opportunity to fish large species; But if what you like is archeology, you can visit the various sites that were once home to the Mayans, Xalau, Tamba, Petul and Xcan, they are very close to here.

In the boat tours you can also visit the Elepetén cenote, as well as the nearby water sources and the lagoon surrounded by birds in the middle of a relaxing atmosphere, in the same way you will have the opportunity to walk along the seashore while enjoying a nice sunset.

Elepeten + Ojo de Agua Xbuya Ha

Dzilam Bravo

The walk through elepeten consists of a trip to the Xbuya ha fresh water spring, the Elepeten cenote and the lagoon. the fresh water spring xbuya ah is a cenote inside the ocean where fresh water is expelled all the time causing a constant movement on the surface of the sea.

Las Bocas

The walk through the mouths consists of a trip to the state's natural reserve where you will see all kinds of wildlife and beautiful landscapes, virgin beaches. You will also visit places like the xbuya-ha spring, the elepeten cenote and the lagoon.

Ecoturismo en Dzilam Bravo

Boat Ride at Dzilam Bravo

Boat ride

Discover the natural attractions of Dzilam Bravo on a boat tour, prepare your camera and swimsuit to enjoy this adventure on the emerald coast of Yucatan, the tour includes bird watching, virgin beaches, water holes, cenotes, ceviche and much plus...

Hotele Dzilam de Bravo

Cabañas Perla Escondida
Cabañas Perla Escondida

Spend an incredible day or get away for a weekend at the best hotel in Dzilam Bravo, it has a large beach area, swimming pool, hammock area, kayaks, wooden tables on the beach, restaurant and more... (Day pass from $300 MX p/p, (Applies $200 MX in Restaurant...))

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Experiencia Casa Blanca
Experiencia Casa Blanca

At Casa Blanca, we invite you to experience tranquility and natural beauty in our 4 elevated cabins, designed to offer you a unique experience of rest and comfort. Each cabin has been thoughtfully decorated with local touches and modern amenities

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How to get to Dzilam Bravo?

To get to Dzilam Bravo starting from Mérida, you must take the road that goes to Motul and advance until you reach the junction with Cansahcab, there you will take the deviation that will take you to Dzidzantun and continue until you reach Dzilam Gonzalez, a few minutes later, you will find yourself in Dzilam Bravo,