Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, street vendors and thousands of tourists is the town of San Crisanto, a very friendly and cheerful fishing village that will gladly carry out an eco-tourism adventure that they themselves have organized.

The tour consists of traveling by boat through a series of channels interconnected with cenotes and springs, where you can observe the mangrove, listen to the song of the birds, and see the fish that inhabit the channels that have a depth of 25 centimeters and 1.50 at 1.75 wide. At the end of the tour you can cool off in the crystal clear waters of one of the cenotes and carefully observe the nature that surrounds you.

How much does it cost? 3 USD Approximately

Tips: Don't forget to bring your camera, hat, swimsuit, binoculars, and purified water.

How to get to San Crisanto?

Take the Merida - Progreso highway, arriving at the port before entering, turn right just before reaching the gas station, drive to Uaymitun, then go through Telchac, and then continue to the town of San Crisanto. Entering San Crisanto pass the crossing and turn right where you will see a baseball field, opposite is the office where one of the fishermen will take you along this boat ride.

manglares san crisanto