The gateway to the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve is San Felipe, a small fishing village, which, despite technological advances, still maintains its customs, as their homes continue to be made of wood, decorated in very colorful tones, giving thus a joyful view of the place.

One of the elements that attracts the most attention when visiting its corners is precisely the unique architecture of its homes, it is about houses built basically of wood, in a rustic style, decorated with striking and bright colors, which when looking at it seems that there is a rainbows on every street.

In remote times, when cattle were marketed from Mérida to different points, it was from here that the boats left loaded with meat and other items to be transported.

Nowadays, and thanks to the natural beauty that surrounds it, San Felipe has become one of the most important tourist spots in Yucatan, especially for nature lovers, since the fishermen themselves make tours around the area already the mangroves that make up this natural reserve.

When it comes to eating, the variety is wide, fresh and freshly caught seafood, prepared in various dishes; species such as blonde, grouper, sierra, squid, lobster, octopus and some others can be enjoyed here.

Among the animals that you will be able to observe are rabbits, foxes, turtles, ducks, herons and more. Do not forget to enjoy a relaxing moment by the sea, lying on the soft sand or sitting under the shade of a palapa, and of course cool off in its waters, without a doubt a different experience.

Sport fishing is something that is frequented here, do not hesitate to request the service of one of the fishermen, who will gladly take you to the best points to obtain excellent specimens.

To get to San Felipe, you must take the road to Tizimín, and from there move approximately 31 kilometers to the north.

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Photos of San Felipe

San Felipe YucatánSan Felipe YucatánSan Felipe YucatánSan Felipe YucatánSan Felipe YucatánSan Felipe YucatánSan Felipe YucatánSan Felipe Yucatán