A small town on the Yucatecan coast, but with a great legacy, which lasts to this day, the production of salt, typical of the Mayans since ancient times.

Las Coloradas is the most stable commercial point in the state of Yucatán due to its constant production and distribution of salt, as it is here that one of the largest salt mines in Mexico is located, which has been equipped with high-level machinery.

But in addition to the industry that develops here, it also has beautiful beaches, to which visitors from different parts of Yucatan and even the country arrive daily, as it is a little exploited area, so the sand is coarse and the waters clean.

Undoubtedly a highly recommended place to rest, but take your precautions because, being more dedicated to salt production, there is no advanced tourist infrastructure, so to sleep it will be necessary to move to Río Lagartos, a few minutes from here.

Las Coloradas Yucatan, Playas Yucatecas

Playa las Coloradas: Its beaches were declared a Sea Turtle Protection Zone by the Federal Government in October 1986 and are recognized as a Sanctuary.

Here 3 of the 7 species of Sea Turtles that exist in the world come to spawn: the Hawksbill, the White and the Loggerhead. Only research, recreation and environmental education activities are allowed on these beaches.

In Las Coloradas there are no 24-hour stores or super markets, however along its streets there are various stalls that will provide you with what you need to enjoy your stay; restaurants are not abundant either, however there are some, same where you can enjoy delicious dishes made with seafood.

Much of its population has been dedicated to salt work and production, and although guided tours of the factory are not yet conducted, visitors can get up close to the large mounds of salt that at first glance look like huge mountains of snow.