Since a long time, Río Lagartos, like the nearby ports, has kept its own, a magical touch with alternative fun, making you simply forget the daily life of the city. When visiting the Port you will be able to know the ecological reserve that makes it up, in this town you will find a unique relaxation and you will also be able to observe nature at Flor de piel.

Río Lagartos is famous for the 20,000 pink flamingos that arrive between January and September to breed. And it is also home to the sea turtle which visits the area between June and August and lays their eggs in the hot sand, and to more than 250 different species of birds that visit Río Lagartos, making this the best place to observe birds.

In this place you will find the exact point between tranquility and adventure, exploring its diverse ecosystems, beautiful beaches, the water hole, known by the inhabitants as Chiquilá.

Rio Lagartos, Yucatan Beaches

The Río Lagartos National Park is considered a true jewel for lovers of peace and tranquility, approaching this place you will find tropical forest and royal palms, coconut plantations and majestic ceiba trees, the symbolic tree of Yucatan, which They will remind you of remnants of prehistoric eras when dinosaurs once ruled the world.

In Río Lagartos you can observe through a boat trip, the colony of flamingos, birds, crocodiles and biodiversity in flora and fauna. The boat rides provide you with important information on the flora and fauna.

Visiting the port will not be a bad idea, on the contrary, every tourist who comes to this place experiences a clash of culture and customs like in any other Mayan town.

After having traveled the entire port and having enjoyed its beautiful landscapes, finally finish your walk admiring the most beautiful sunsets.

Rio Lagartos Boat Tours

Rio Lagartos Boat Tours

Enjoy a boat ride along the estuary, while admiring various types of birds such as herons, cormorants, spoonbills and the famous pink flamingo, we can also observe crocodiles in their natural habitat...

Boat Tour with Martin Aguiñaga in Rio Lagartos

Boat Tour with Martin Aguiñaga

This tour is for adventurers and nature lovers, Ría Lagartos offers you the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature, observe flamingos, crocodiles, herons, pelicans, a Mayan bath...

Chino Chalo Tours Rio Lagartos

Chino Chalo Tour

We offer you 3 tour options in rio lagartos, to observe flamingos, sunset tour and nocturnal crocodile. In addition to a land tour to the pink lagoons. But if what you are looking for is a personalized tour with lodging included, we can tailor it to suit you.

Cenote Chiquila en Rio Lagartos

Cenote Chiquila

This beautiful cenote is located in Rio Lagartos right where the boardwalk ends. It is completely open and surrounded by mangroves, its emerald green waters invite you to refresh yourself.

Hotel Rio Lagartos

Hotel Rio Lagartos

Welcome to the tropical paradise of Rio Lagartos, meet our Boutique Suites located in front of the estuary of the picturesque fishing port of Rio Lagartos. We have an exclusive pier to contemplate, know and enjoy the beautiful and abundant biodiversity of species

Hotel Villa de Pescadoes

Hotel Villa de Pescadores

Imagine being on the balcony of your room, watching the sunrise, the departure of the fishermen to get the catch of the day, the birds enjoying the sun, the beauties of the mangroves of Biosfera de Ría Lagartos

Posada el Perico Marinero

Posada el Perico Marinero

Located in the heart of the boardwalk of the Rio Lagartos port, it has 14 rooms with all the necessities one may have.

Hotel Tabasco Rio

Hotel Tabasco Rio

Hotel Tabasco Río is located in the center of the port, located just 50 meters from the boardwalk. It is surrounded by natural beauty, a peaceful place where flocks of flamingos live that come to nest and feed.

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