Chelem means "Here under the magpie", it is one of the most important ports in the municipality because it is visited all year round by tourists.

For many years chelém was a landing site for cattle and fruits and other products brought by the canoes from Chiapas and Tabasco, the old travelers who were heading to the aforementioned states embarked there since there was no other communication.

The town is known for its broom making, fishing, hunting, salt flats, and tourism. Many families from Mérida and other places have their residences in this tropical place where tourist centers abound.

A paved road connects Chelém with Mérida and Progreso.

This beautiful and unique town has all the services like the other communities in the municipality, in Puerto Progreso you can find transport, since every half hour they leave for Chelém, here an approximate of 3000 inhabitants is calculated.

A festival is held annually in August dedicated to its patron saint, the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal.

The port is located to the west of the shelter port, Yucalpeten, between the old Fraga Lake and the North Coast.

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