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The Zotz Balam Association invites you to visit and get to know the corners of Sisal, offering completely nature and sustainable tours, for which they have been certified and trained with the aim of protecting and interpreting each place they visit, which is why their Tours are carried out in punts and kayaks, they also offer breakfast or lunch packages in a completely romantic setting on a secluded beach surrounded by nature, as well as sport fishing tours, among many other services they provide.

The tour begins from the moment you enter the town, the meeting place is in the giant letters, where a mototaxi will already be waiting for you to take you to enjoy an incomparable adventure. You will arrive at a well-defined area among the mangroves, where the guide is already waiting to give you the tour of the wetlands, either in a punt or in a kayak, and each one placed in their respective place, the adventure begins.

Tour en Sisal, Zootz Balam Tours en Sisal

We will go deeper and deeper into the mangroves, at first the silence is strangely relaxing, accompanied at all times by different types of mangroves, passing through very low water channels. We will enter through a canal and the landscape becomes very wide, with crystal clear waters that allow us to see the plants and fish that inhabit it, when we look up with great luck we will see the birds fluttering, feeding and resting, breaking the silence with their squawks, moving the mind and heart when we come across them.

When it is in season, it is possible to see hundreds of pink flamingos eating and flying over the skies, and since we do not emit noise, it is possible to get close to a prudent distance so as not to disturb them, it is quite an unforgettable spectacle, there are also American ducks and white pelicans They arrive on certain dates. If we pay attention we will see cormorants, white herons, gray herons, red-winged blackbirds, jacanas and some swallows fluttering our way.

Tour en Sisal, Zootz Balam Tours en Sisal

After spending a good time watching the birds, we will continue to refresh ourselves in the water hole, so for a moment you flag the boat to enter the mainland between the mangroves, a wooden path will take you to a small pier from where you can swim, the water is completely crystal clear and its green volume immediately invites you to enjoy its waters, when you enter hundreds of little fish swirl to welcome you.

Next, we will return to our Chalan and again we will enter the mangroves to continue enjoying the landscape and discover its inhabitants and thus end our tour.

Without a doubt, this tour is different and special, since it makes you feel part of nature, you connect and create awareness of how wonderful the reserve is.

Tour en Sisal, Zootz Balam Tours en Sisal

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  • Ride through the magle canals in a small boat (Chalana) / Kayak
  • Observation of various birds such as: Flamingos, Pelicans, Cormorants, Herons, Spoonbills, Eagles, Fragagas, etc.
  • Observation of Mangroves.
  • Swim in Ojo de Agua
  • Interpretive Guide.
  • Life jackets.
  • A spectacular view of the nature reserve


  • Bloqueador biodegradable
  • Ropa cómoda
  • Trajes de baño
  • Gorra
  • Repelente
  • Cámara

El Tour no incluye:

  • Propinas
  • Bebidas

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