The “Merida en Domingo” program is organized by the Town hall of Merida where they offer spectacles to the public, outdoors, in the different parts of the downtown area.

Between that they try to emphasize the tradition of the Vaqueria Yucateca. This is a custom that was born in the traditional haciendas where the women were attending to the guests and to their wives and at the end of the evening they would dance to traditional Mayan songs combined with newer Spanish music, in honor of the owner of the hacienda. To this day the Yucatecan Vaqueria continues being practiced in the settlements of the interior of the State to celebrate great landowners or town saints.

fotos vaqueria yucateca

During this dance when someone mentioned the word “bomba!
The music was stopped and a dancer would tell a good joke, which generated much applause from other dancers and guests, but without leaving good custom.

In this representation you will be able to enjoy la vaqueria and some dances (Revelry) as:

fotos vaqueria yucateca