Dzitya is located north of the capital city about 10 minutes away. It currently has two entrances, one for the road from Merida and Progreso and another from Francisco de Montejo. Dzitya is a community that has a population of about 2,000 and it has many urban city services which help add to its economic growth.

Dzitya Church, Dzitya Yucatan

This beautiful village is characterized over time by being creators of figures and shapes that catch the attention.

In this place our ancestors used pedal lathes which could only produce mortars and mixers, now the production has diversified and model work as well. They also used electric threading machines and used other tools.

Among their main products you will find handcrafts, fruits, vases, tortillas, chandeliers, salsa, jewelry boxes, bases, sugar, and more. Imagination and the craftsman’s hand the tree trunk transformed into true works of art, this town is best known for his creations is a beautiful thing that in a few places you can find.

The woods used are mahogany, cedar, huayacán, and chucum.

Dzitya Crafts

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