The Garcia Rejon Market was once known as a place of sales, and as the square or plaza where all kinds of vegetables were sold. The two sides could find brokers and masonry stands where retailers were located in the center, and women selling vegetables just outside.

The square was surrounded by a partition, where the guests and passersby sat and visited, but this was taken down in 1862 and stores were built, their walls supported the roofs, placed in 1881. The main entrance to the market has been in use since 1862.

Currently in the Garcia Rejon Market you can purchase various regional handmade crafts, such as shoes, clothing, jewelry, hammocks, linen blankets, henequen crafts, among other goods.

Bazar García Rejón

Come and visit the Garcia Rejon Market, located on 65th Street by 60 to San Benito Market, where you will find all kinds of souvenirs and mementos of your trip.

Also within this market you can eat in one of the traditional pork tortas (Cochinita) accompanied by their horchata (rice milk), and Yucatecan food as well as queso relleno, relleno negro, Pickled Turkey, Tamales, Salbutes, Panuchos, Soups, and Beans with pork, all at very low prices.