The first cathedral built in Latin America, the oldest in all of Mexico, seat of the archdiocese of the state of Yucatan, simply known as the Cathedral of San Ildefonso or the Holy Cathedral Church of the city of Merida.

It was on November 16, 1561, when Pope Pius IV at the request of King Felipe II issued the order for the construction of this great enclosure, it was raised giving the title to San Ildefonso. This temple is made to replace the chapel of San José, which only had a roof made with guano; 37 years later, the construction of the great headquarters was completed, in the year 1598, little by little some details were added that have contributed to the view that he now projects. It is worth mentioning that the only civil symbol present in it is a national emblem from the colonial era.

The building consists of three naves: one central and two lateral. Inside there are three chapels and the sacristy. Originally there were five chapels, however some have already been demolished. It has two towers of two bodies in the Moorish style. The dome is adorned with arches and pillars. The facade is very serious, of the Renaissance type.

Cathedral of San Ildelfonso in Merida Yucatan

The door of forgiveness stands out, with a semicircular arch, framed by even columns on the sides, in the middle of the columns, there are two images: that of San Pedro and that of San Pablo. Above the main access arch there is a cornice with a triangular front. Above the above, there is the window of the choir and a little higher is the shield of the Spanish royalty. All of the above is enclosed between two columns, which support an arch that is viewed from the front. The interior is very serious, adorned only with the images of some saints, some passages from the life of Christ and even the occasional baroque altarpiece. On the main altar there is an image of the Crucified that covers the length and breadth of the site to a great extent, known as the Christ of the Blisters and highly venerated by the faithful who visit him.

Cathedral of San Ildelfonso in Merida Yucatan

This cathedral keeps within its walls memories of historical events and legends. Some of the chapels it has are that of the Christ of the ampoules (1656), the baptistery and chapel of the tabernacle (1904), the sacristy and chapel of San José (1610), as well as the chapel of the rosary (1610). It is located at 60 x 61 and 57-A streets, just in front of the Main Square of the City. San José (1610), as well as the chapel of the rosary (1610). It is located at 60 x 61 y 57-A street.